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E. Kevin Dahill

Principal of Phoenix Management Partners


E. Kevin Dahill - Board Member. Kevin Dahill is a Principal of Phoenix Management Partners, a company that evaluates, acquires and manages venture capital investment portfolios originally made by others. Prior to co-founding Phoenix, Kevin was Vice President of Content Operations for divine, Incorporated, having joined divine when SageMaker Incorporated, a content delivery and management start-up, was acquired by divine in March of 2001.

Prior to divine, Kevin was Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Mobius Management Systems, Inc. a total content management software provider. As Chief Financial Officer, Kevin has been responsible for three Initial Public Offerings: Mobius in 1998; EIS International, Inc., a systems provider to call centers, in 1993; and Iomega Corporation, a removable storage manufacturer, in 1983.

Kevin has a BS in Mechanical Engineering From Notre Dame, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and an MS in Management from the Sloan School at MIT. He provides expertise to Physician Software Systems in the areas of technology development, support and product positioning. Kevin plays a large role in the financial planning of the company to ensure the resources are available to provide the foundation for continued growth and market expansion.


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