Individualized Medicine
Improves Care and Reduces Cost


PhySoft AMS™ provides Administrators with the tools to improve patient care, while also improving the financial and operational effectiveness of your facilities. It will also streamline the management of a multi-facility organization. You have instant access to organization-wide data, enabling you to measure, compare, and contrast the performance of each location to the organization’s goals.

PhySoft AMS™ will provide a way whereby you can improve care and systematically maintain the majority of your patient population at the chosen hemoglobin target levels with less hemoglobin cycling. So, you may maximize the number of patients effectively cared for, while ensuring improved patient outcomes.

You will significantly reduce ESA usage and costs, while maintaining your patients at recommended target levels. PhySoft AMS™ also gives you the freedom to provide the best choice for each patient's needs: Mircera, Aranesp, or EPO.

PhySoft AMS™ helps Administrators by:

- Improving patient care and outcomes, while reducing and controlling costs
- Maximizing the number of patients for which you may effectively provide care
- Measuring, comparing and contrasting facility-performance to organization's anemia goals
- Enabling you to easily perform patient-specific or organization-wide analysis

PhySoft AMS™ provides Administrators with all of the patient data, anemia management workflow, and analytics needed to successfully run a dialysis services provider of any size - small to large.