Individualized Medicine
Improves Care and
Reduces Cost

Anemia Managers

PhySoft AMS™ helps Anemia Managers improve patient quality of life. You will have a methodology to systematically maintain more patients at their target Hgb-level, manage hemoglobin variability, and a patient-condition "dashboard" display of anemia-related factors and trends.

The PhySoft AMS™  dashboard is actually a display of the patient's interactive Behavior Over Time (iBOT). It provides an intuitive display of the patient's historical Hgb data, ESA dosing regimen, iron data, Clinical Status and Hemodynamics. Anemia Managers and clinicians  are able to quickly contrast the patient's hemoglobin values against the actual and modeled ESA dosing regimens, and understand the trends and changing conditions. And if your organization has multiple locations, PhySoft AMS™ will give you the data to compare and contrast the performance of your location against others to ensure that ‘best practices’ are shared throughout the organization.

Anemia Managers will be able to:

- Provide superior anemia outcomes
- Easily perform patient specific or clinic-wide analysis
- Reduce patient use of ESAs: Mircera, Aranesp, or EPO
- Minimize patient hospitalization
- More effectively manage large patient populations
- Systematically manage hemoglobin variability

Improve patient sense of well-being through individualized treatment, utilizing the minimum effective dose, and reducing patient risk.