Reduce ESA Usage

PhySoft AMS™ helps physicians prescribe optimal ESA regimens, improving outcomes, reducing costs



Individualized Anemia Management

PhySoft Anemia Management System is a software application designed to better manage anemia in dialysis patients, replacing general ESA dosing protocols with a more accurate methodology for Mircera, Aranesp and EPO.

PhySoft AMS supplements your clinical judgement by providing a computer-modeled selection of ESA dosing options based upon the patient’s unique physiology and your chosen Hgb target level.

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Hemoglobin Cycling

Over 90% of ESRD patients are experiencing an ongoing cycle of Hgb excursions. Yet, the problem often goes unnoticed.


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Our Solution to Cycling

We replace general ESA dosing protocols for Mircera, Aranesp and EPO with individualized treatment through computer modeling, based on each patient’s physiology.

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Our History

Physiological modeling methodology created at Mayo Clinic, engineered, enhanced and commercialized by Physicians Software Systems

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