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Barbara Keller

Technology Licensing Manager -
Mayo Clinic Ventures


Barbara Keller - Board Observer. Barbara Keller is a Technology Licensing Manager within Mayo Clinic Ventures. Mayo Clinic Ventures is the organization dedicated to converting Mayo Clinic’s ideas, ingenuity and expertise into health care products and services.

Mayo Clinic Ventures patents Mayo Clinic inventions, licenses technologies for commercialization, and starts new companies related to Mayo Clinic’s intellectual property, all with the focus on improving patient care worldwide. Before joining Mayo Clinic Ventures, Barbara worked as a Contract Manager within Mayo Clinic’s Legal Contract Administration and an IP Analyst for IBM. Barbara received her BS degree in Paralegal Studies from Winona State University with a minor in Sociology and her MA degree in both Health and Human Service Administration and Management from Saint Mary's University.

Barbara is key to discussions and investigations into new applications for Physician Software Systems technologies and introductions to potential partners with complementary products and significant new research.


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