A History of Successful Technology Development and Support


Roelof  J. Boonstra

Chief Technology Officer


Roelof J. Boonstra - Chief Technology Officer. Roelof Boonstra has over 33 years of experience designing, developing, building, deploying, and operating large-scale, innovative, information technology software products.  He has done this in highly regulated environments (utilities, global financial services, and trading) and at national laboratories.  Roelof started his technology career in the Netherlands developing mainframe applications for the Dutch social security system.  Roelof attended Higher Technical School in Hilversum (Digital and Analog Electronics Engineering) and HAVO, Blankenstein, Utrecht (Physics – Cum Laude).

Roelof has worked closely with the Mayo Clinic Nephrology and Hypertension Division to improve upon the anemia management technology they developed. With his team, he has created a commercialized version of Mayo Clinic's system, which is now delivered as PhySoft AMS™, in an advanced computer architecture to provide an intuitive user interface, increased simulation speed and scope, improved diagnostic and analytical capabilities, and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, which gives care providers anytime, anywhere access to patient information, data analysis, and custom inquiries.

His research and development organization is integral to the exploration and analysis of additional technologies that are in Physician Software Systems' future.


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