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Craig L. Hocum

Physician Assistant for the Mayo Clinic
Division of Nephrology and Hypertension


Mr. Hocum is a Board Certified Physician Assistant with 32-years of experience in a variety of medical disciplines including: surgery, family practice, internal medicine, ER and primary care. Mr. Hocum currently practices in the Nephrology Division of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is Director and Manager of the Mayo Clinic Anemia Management System for approximately 660 patients within the Mayo Clinic Dialysis System. He co-manages over 120 patients using in-center, outpatient, and home dialysis services.

 Mr. Hocum is a member of the International Society of System Dynamics and was an integral part of the Mayo Clinic team that developed the Mayo Clinic Anemia Management System (MCAMS). He has many years of experience as the technology's primary user at Mayo and now utilizes that background to advise Physician Software Systems on the intricacies of modeling dialysis patients' response to ESAs, patient monitoring and management, and system interface design. 

Mr. Hocum also has a lead role on the enhancement committee for Physician Software Systems.


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