Individualized Medicine
Improves Care and Reduces Cost

Anemia Management

PhySoft Anemia Management System™ is a software application created in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, that recommends an optimized ESA dosing regimen for each individual patient. PhySoft AMS™ provides individualized dosing regimens for Mircera, Aranesp and EPO. 

The Mayo Clinic team wanted to be able to choose target hemoglobin levels that were appropriate and unique to each patient situation. Their goals were to improve care by creating a methodology to systematically maintain more patients at their target Hgb-level, manage hemoglobin variability, and provide their clinicians a patient-condition "dashboard" display of anemia-related factors and trends. Mayo Clinic focused on improving patient care, achieving better and sustainable outcomes, based upon each patient's unique requirements.

We have created a software application based upon the Mayo Clinic technology, to more precisely manage the anemia experienced by dialysis patients. The application is called PhySoft AMS™. It enables physicians to choose the appropriate  Hgb-target level for each individual patient. PhySoft AMS™ then uses the patient's historical lab data and ESA dosing history to model that individual's ESA-response, and recommend the optimum dosing regimen for that patient. The physician chooses the Hgb-target that is right for the patient, and PhySoft AMS™ recommends the precise dosing regimen needed to meet and maintain that goal using Mircera, Aranesp or EPO.

Mayo Clinic focused on improved patient outcomes and quality of life, and as a very positive byproduct were able to exceed the improvements in average Hgb levels and ESA reductions brought about by the guideline and labeling changes of the past few years. They improved care, while reducing costs well beyond guideline-driven ESA decreases.