Individualized Medicine
Improves Care and
Reduces Cost


PhySoft AMS™ helps physicians by streamlining the management of dialysis patient hemoglobin levels, quickly bringing most patients to the desired target level, so that you may focus on the acute cases. PhySoft AMS™ is an intuitive tool meant to supplement your clinical judgment, not replace it. It helps physicians determine the optimum erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) dosing regimen based upon patient history, diagnostic measurements, and your professional judgment. PhySoft AMS™ gives you the ability to individualize ESA dosing for Mircera, Aranesp, and EPO.

This technology is based upon seven years of research and development, which enabled Mayo Clinic to move their patient population to the desired hemoglobin target level and successfully maintain those levels, while dramatically reducing the overall use of ESAs.

PhySoft AMS™ helps physicians by:

- Ensuring the optimum patient outcomes with: Mircera, Aranesp and EPO
- Maximizing the number of patients for whom you may effectively provide care
- Freeing you to focus on acute cases
- Improving the financial performance of the facility
- Supporting you with easily-accessed patient data, charted results and date-driven reminders and notes

Physicians embracing this new way of thinking about ESA dosing, will provide their patients significantly improved outcomes.