PhySoft AMS Enables You to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Cost

 How to Get Started

The process of bringing PhySoft AMS™ into your organization has been distilled down to a few streamlined steps. 


The first step is to arrange for a demonstration of PhySoft AMS™. We will schedule a web-based product demonstration for you or your entire team. We will work around your schedule, and require less than on hour of your time. 

Business Case

We’ll work with you to develop a business case for PhySoft AMS™ that is specific to your business environment. Our value-based approach will show you how the financial benefits derived from utilizing PhySoft AMS™ will fund the adoption of the technology. Budget constraints confronting dialysis services providers are commonly overcome through the increased margins that individualized medicine may introduce. 

Business Associate and Services Agreements

We have streamlined the steps necessary to quickly adopt our technology. Business Associate Agreements and Services Agreements have been developed to quickly remove any legal barriers, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA confidentiality requirements.  

Integration Planning

Physician Software Systems will work with you to integrate our technology into your IT environment, without negatively effecting any of your current workflows. We have the mechanisms in place to interface with your EMR and other systems so that all of the patient data required by PhySoft AMS™ may be automatically extracted from existing systems. 

Training and Ongoing Support

Physician Software Systems offers online training that is accessible anytime, anywhere to anyone on your team. We are regularly expanding and improving our curriculum to help your users quickly adapt to our product. We also offer on-site classroom training during the implementation of our product. Our instructors stay on-site for the first two days after you’ve gone live to field questions and generally support anyone needing assistance. 

Ongoing support is provided through our phone support team and through recurring site visits from our instructors. 

Improved Patient Outcomes

Improvement in patient outcomes is obtained using existing data from your EMR. PhySoft AMS™ needs six weeks of lab data and ESA dosing history to recommend an optimal dosing regimen for a patient. Once on the new regimen, the timing of patient response is determined by their individual biology. After they reach your chosen Hgb target level, PhySoft AMS™ helps you to systematically manage the patient’s anemia going forward. 

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